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How often should I have my piano tuned?
A: If you want your piano to sound close to perfect pitch all year round then you want to have your piano tuned at least twice year.

Do I need to tune my piano after a moving it?
No, moving your piano will not make it go out of tune. However, if it has been close to a year or over a year, having your piano tuned would be a good idea.

What is a pitch raise double-tune?
The purpose of a pitch raise double-tune is to restore a piano’s pitch to A440 or better, also known as concert pitch. This requires two tunings; the first, stretches the strings a little above pitch, and the second is to fine tune the piano to A440.

What is a Regulation?
Regulation servicing ensuring the action is working properly by making sure each key is functioning properly. Regulation is needed because of weather conditions and most commonly by wear and tear.

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